Bird Control

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EcoPro supply a full range of tried and tested bird control products, including bird scaring rockets, bangers, distress callers, bird scaring gas guns and bird scaring kites. The products are for professional use only, please contact us if you are not sure.

We can give helpful advice on the suitability of bird control products and the ways in which products should be used to get the most effective usage from them.

The presence of flocks of birds can be determined as to the level of nuisance they cause and how persistant they are in roosting, feeding and nesting in the area. We describe this, in the industry, as 'high- medium- or low pressure'.

We recommend that these products are suitable for low to medium pressure bird activity. The following products will only be suppiled if we feel they are suitable to be used in the area, and by the persons concerned.


Bird Scaring Rockets

 SkyBirds- (Bird Control for Waste Management and Farming)

The original Big Bang! Skybirds are a loud rocket type bird scarer, which finish in a loud report. Used to shoot up into a circling flock, it will drive the birds away. If a flock are lower or on the tip face, use the Pro-Shot Multi shot rocket first to lift the birds, followed by the SkyBird to drive the gulls away.

EcoRocket-(Bird Scarers for Waste Management and Farming)

Economical and effective! The EcoRocket is a similar product as the SkyBird but has been designed for those sites which are liable to noise complaints. The EcoRocket is a rocket style bird scarer which can be shot up towards the flock. The rocket finishes in a loud report, yet is fewer decibels than the SkyBird, so as not to invite noise complaints in a sensitive area.

ProShot-(Bird scarers for Waste Management and Farming)

Multi shot rockets. These rockets are ideal for persistent gulls. This bird scare product throws 7-9 bangs to scare and drive away the birds. The bangs lift around 20 foot up from the ground, so are ideal for lifting persistent gulls off the tip face. The low level detonation of the rockets also means little disturbance to nearby populated areas.

Rope Bangers-(Bird Scarers for Waste Management and Farming and Golf Courses)

A self burning rope of bangs. This product is ideal for un-manned times on sites as it self burns gradually, giving off a loud report around every 30 minutes. This product is also good to use on large sites where all areas are not accessible at once.

Other Sound Deterrents

Distress Caller (Bird deterrent for urban, warehouses, shopping centres, landfill, and many others)

A portable, handheld bird dispersal system. This bird scaring product works by playing natural distress calls of target species. 9 distress calls, pre-loaded into the device, include species of Herring, Common and Black Headed Gull, Lapwing, Starling, Rook, Magpie, Pigeon and Crow. Other calls are available. There is also the ability to make live announcements through the loud speaker. The distress caller works by instinctively alerting a species of danger. The birds will hear distress calls of their own type and stay away from the area, because of the potential danger, alerted by the distress calls. Suitable for low to medium bird activity.

Blanks Pistol (Bird Scarer for landfill, and Farming)

Every Site should have one. The blanks pistol is a hand held blank firer. It can be kept, ready to use, in a jacket pocket or vehicle cab, ready to fire, for bird control on the go. The blanks pistol fires off medium loud blasts to shock birds away. Replacement blanks come in pocket size tubs of 100 blanks. Pistols and replacement blank can be purchased through EcoPro. Suitable for low to high pressure bird activity.

Gas Gun- (Bird scarer for landfill, farming and others)

One of the original bird scaring products. The Gas Gun is ideal for large areas. It is available with telescopic legs to lift the sound and carry it further.

Other Bird Scaring Methods

Bird Scaring Kite (Bird scarer for landfill, farming, fruit farms and others)

The Dunsford Kite is especially designed for the purpose of bird control. It is light weight, enabling it to fly in light winds. The Dunsford Kite has long trailing tails for maximum effect. A Flying Pole is available to suspend the kite from. Using a pole allows minimum attention to flying the kite, as the kite will re-launch itself if there is a drop in wind pressure. Suitable for low to medium bird activity.