Bird Control - Landfill

Scavenging birds can be a serious Health and Safety Risk


Since employing Ecopro Ltd the levels of scavenging birds near the site and the surrounding area has dropped dramatically
Bob Murphy. WRG

EcoPro are experienced specialists in providing bird control for the waste management industry, using traditional and new methods.

Landfill sites attract large flocks of seagulls and other scavenging birds because of the food source. Corvids are also attracted to the sites by food and ideal nesting areas.

Together, scavenging birds can be a serious Health & Safety risk. Birds must be deterred and discouraged from visiting and feeding from landfill sites.

gulls _flock

The majority of sites adopt a form of bird control

The Environment Agency licenses and regulates landfill sites to ensure that their impact on the environment is minimised. Landfill site can be under inspection regularly to make sure they are operating within the regulations. Inspection areas include checking that vermin such as gulls do not affect any communities in the area.

The majority of all Waste Management companies adopt some form of Bird Control at their site.

 As a support company to the Waste Management Industry, EcoPro offer a full range of services, including bird control, to aid landfill managers in complying to the Environment Agency.

The most effective and cost efficient method of dettering gulls from landfill sites, for long term bird control, is to use Live Predatory Response. This must involve the correct use of Birds of Prey and experienced Bird Controllers.

Ecopro offer a tailored service, suited to the requirements of your site, ranging from daily visits to annual contracts.

Ecopro provide a comprehensive Bird Control service using trained Birds of Prey deployed by experienced Bird Controllers, supported by Secondary Deterrent Bird Control Products

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